The Best and Worst Pet Snakes


By Puppy Petite

Not everyone wants to have a dog or a cat when they are looking to find a pet for themselves or for their child. Dogs and cats are a significant investment, both with time and with money. For those that are not looking to raise a furry companion, you may prefer to get something a little more unusual, but no less enjoyable, such as a pet snake.

However, purchasing a snake is not as simple as going to the store and finding the one that looks the “coolest.” There are thousands of different snake types, and many of them require different levels of care. Here are some of the best and worst snake choices for you and your family.

Best Snakes for Your Household

  • Corn Snake
  • King Snake
  • Ball Python

 These three snakes represent generally non-vicious, non-dangerous snakes that are perfectly suited for beginning snake owners. The Corn Snake is easily the most common snake for beginners, because unlike most other snakes, the corn snake is generally calm around humans with a temperament that is ideally suited for households. There are many different colors, they are long but thin, and they are generally friendly and accepting of others. Care for them is quite easy as well.

King Snakes are also very easy to take care of and not very aggressive. They eat other snakes in the wild, so they are best caged alone, but they are also fairly calm and require very little knowledge about snakes and snake needs in order to raise healthy. L

Ball Pythons are a larger/wider type of snake, but it is still only 5 feet, so it is not longer than the corn snakes and actually shorter than the king snakes. Ball Pythons sometimes require more assistance with feeding than the other snakes, but for those looking for a non-dangerous, fatter snake, these are the best place to start.

Worst Snakes for your Household

  • Water Snakes
  • Boas
  • Several Pythons

Water snakes have a tendency to be aggressive, and do not often take well to humans. They require a decent amount of care, and even when they become friendlier and used to your presence they may still bite. They also have a terrible odor that they will release when they are angry or frightened.

Boas, along with most other constricting snakes, are simply not a good idea for beginners. Though they are not necessarily aggressive (some boas make great pets to experienced owners), they also take some care, and they are more dangerous due to the strength of their constriction. Experienced snake owners may be willing to take a stab at it, but most should leave this type of snake alone.

Many Pythons, despite the temperament of the Ball Python, show a great deal of aggressiveness to humans and are difficult to train. These pythons often take a great deal of care, are unsafe to have around your family, and are simply not a viable option for non-experienced pet owners.

In addition, any poisonous snake, as well as Anacondas and many very large snakes, do not make good pets even for experienced snake owners. They are always aggressive, and can attack friends and family without provocation.

Snakes Make Great Pets

Though there are many snakes that you need to avoid, the easier snakes still make great pets. They are easy to care for, they are not very aggressive, and they are far more unique than other types of animals. Still, until you gain more experience, it is best to stick to the easier pets, as the amount of effort required to care for the more difficult species will be tough on any family member, and possibly dangerous.

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